Doughnuts – Stab my Eyeball with a Fork, then Eat it

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I’m going to start this off with a blunt comment.  I don’t flip over doughnuts. I never did.  In fact, doughnuts are probably at the bottom of my sweet tooth list when I’m craving something sugary.  However, I do prefer cakey doughnuts to yeasty doughnuts and I will eat them if there’s absolutely nothing else sweet to eat and I must have a dose of sugar.  OK, there is a loophole here – Krispy Kreme doughnuts fresh out of the fryer back in the day.  This is because they were moist, eggy, sugary. creamy…sort of like biting into creme brulee.

The October 2010 Daring Bakers challenge was hosted by Lori of Butter Me Up. Lori chose to challenge DBers to make doughnuts. She used several sources for her recipes including Alton Brown, Nancy Silverton, Kate Neumann and Epicurious.

Since I’m not a huge doughnut fan, I decided to take this month’s challenge, half the recipe, and make doughnut holes…aka munchkins, aka poppers.  Since Halloween is upon us, I also decided to take these holes in a ghoulish direction.  I’d seen doughnut eyeballs all over the net for quite some time, but I could tell the flavor wasn’t spectacular since 1) They call for store bought doughnut holes, the boxed kind.  No doubt you can get your doughnut holes at one of the doughnut chains, but still, everything tastes better when it’s homemade and not sitting in a case for hours; 2) They dip the eyeballs in melted white chocolate.  Don’t get me wrong, I love white chocolate – but, come on, a doughnut isn’t a truffle – it just seems like complete overkill as far as sweetness and texture go..and 3) NO FILLING.  As if I can’t reiterate it enough, I don’t flip over doughnuts, but if I’m going to eat one..unless it’s a hot, melty ‘just out of the fryer’, glazed creme brulee yum – I need me some filling! you can see I turned my doughnut holes into eyeballs. but not just any eyeballs, bleeding eyeballs, and not just bleeding eyeballs, but eyeballs that are bleeding because they’ve been stabbed with a fork – which is a great way to serve them, especially considering they have such a bloody interior, and this blood is definitely not viscous.  That wouldn’t be any fun, would it?  The question is, do eyeballs actually bleed?  Well, I have yet to cut open or stab an eyeball, and most definitely don’t think I ever leaving it up to one’s imagination and upping the gross factor, is not a bad thing come Halloween.  UPDATE:  According to Claire of Cooking is Medicine, an actual MD, eyeballs do in fact bleed, but nowhere near as much as my gory doughnut holes.

Having said all that, and now that I have my Halloween doughnut eyeball idea all ready to go, here’s what I did to make them taste better than the store bought white chocolate covered eyeballs.  Naturally, these doughnut holes are homemade.  Unfortunately, no cool frying photos.  As some of you know, I practically live in a forest so I have almost zero natural light.  I have windows, but with all the brush, not much sunlight gets in.  Well, I have NO windows in my kitchen – just a little window on the door.  Whenever I take ‘food in pot’ photos, I literally take the pot off stove and bring it to my sad, little Lowel Ego light nook to photograph it, then back to the stove.  With hot oil, no way, and not only for safety reasons – greasy reasons too.  Letting the dough sit in the oil that’s cooling down is NOT a good thing – don’t think I have to explain any further.  I did it once before with my cannoli challenge, and those shells were greasier than Zorro’s headband. 

OK, back to the task at hand.  I chose the yeast doughnut provided to us by our lovely hostess, Lori.  Why the yeast doughnut when I clearly stated I like the cakey doughnuts better, you ask?  Because a yeast risen doughnut will take more filling than a cake doughnut, and I wanted these babies to bleeeeeed.  I filled each doughnut hole with loads of bloood, welll, errr, really good strawberry jam with a little red gel paste added to really get a nice, bloody, red hue.  I nixed the white chocolate coating for the ever so awesome confectioners sugar glaze, double dipped to get it as white as I could.  I do love, love, love a nice translucent coating of glaze.  Finally, we DO have some chocolate, white chocolate tinted blue for the iris, white chocolate tinted red for the bloody, oozy veins, and dark chocolate for the pupil.  I have to say, they taste pretty good, and that’s a huge statement from me, the occasional doughnut nazi.

Well, that’s all folks, and who knows, maybe this challenge has converted me as far as doughnuts go, but they definitely have to be homemade and fresh, so I think I’ll try it again in the near future.   For some fingerlicious Halloween ideas, click HERE.  For the recipes for yeast and cake doughnuts, Click HERE, and as always, please click on the links HERE to see the gorgeous and amazing flavors, glazes and what have you.. my fellow Daring Bakers came up with for their doughnuts.  Have a safe, happy and ghoulish Halloween!  Oh, try to refrain from stabbing any eyeballs – unless they’re doughnuts.

OOOOPs, forgot to mention, I’m submitting these ghoulicious donut holes to Susan’s weekly bread baking showcase, Yeastspotting.

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  1. Woooo! Gosh… you got my eye balls out, wouldn’t expect less from you… scarilicious 🙂

  2. So awesome! I agree about the white chocolate and think that glaze was a much better idea. These look incredible… you hit every last detail. There are tons of things I would choose over a doughnut too… unless it’s a hot Krispy Kreme or a hot homemade apple cider doughnut!

  3. That is such a great idea! I love that first shot. Perfect for Halloween and so freakish.



  4. Oh man, I don’t know whether to laugh or look away! What a super clever (and totally seasonally appropriately gross!) take on the challenge. Love your write up (and empathize with your lighting situation…) and LOVE your photos. Awesome job (as always!). 🙂

  5. And I thought my “Newfie Tongues” sounded disgusting 🙂 Your eyeballs are very creative and timely. Another fabulous challenge creation, by another fabulous DB!

  6. Wow those are eye popping. Glazy gooey and scary all in the same bite. Like yourself I only enjoy the fresh donuts from Krispy Kreme off the converyor belt. Great job and great photos – I checked your finger post those are incrediably awesome. Finger licking (or should I say biting) good.

  7. Wow these are awesome and scary. 😉

  8. Wow! I bow down to your creative take on donuts, entirely appropriate for the fall/Halloween season. Ghoulishly fantastic!!

  9. Those are fantastic – I’m not a huge donut fan either, but now I want to make some of these in time for Halloween! Great work!!

  10. Oooh, well-done … and creepy! Love it! Funny, I’m not a big fan of doughnuts either, but I do like jelly doughnuts, so I’m loving where you went with this. So creative, fun, and seasonal. Fantastic!

  11. SO creative – I love it!

  12. O my god those eyeballs on forks are just simply brilliant!! And I bet they tasted delicious too… I agree on the fact that doughnuts are soooo much better when homemade. It made such a huge difference that I am now a doughnut convert. love them!

  13. OMG! I LOVE THESE! Hilarious! I might just have to whip up a batch for this weekend.

  14. These really are great. 🙂

  15. Lisa…you never disappoint. Once more your creativity came screaming out from this challenge ;o)
    I can only wonder if I’m ever going to attack such a challenge myself??? I’m only a fan of donuts that are really well made with a fabulous icing 😉

    Have a wonderful week and flavourful wishes,

  16. Amazing way to turn our monthly challenge into a halloween challenge! Awesome!!!!!!

  17. HAR! You did manage to do them! And they are fanfarkintastic! I love the runny blood and the veins.. perfection! You are so my Halloween inspiration. As well as the wind beneath my wings.. Love you, Wifey-poo! XOXOXOXOXOXXOXO

  18. Zombie eyes- what a great idea!!

  19. Well you have out done yourself again those ghoulish eyeballs are top notch no better perfect Hallow food, I just love that 1st photo so much superb work on this challenge. I always thought you weren’t a doughnut person and your posting are always so interesting. Uber good work as always. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

  20. Way to go, those things are spooky but manage to look yummy too! Great job, creativity at work!

  21. I’m so relieved now that I’ve read your post. Seeing the title pop up on my reader rather startled me. That said, FABULOUS take on the challenge. I feel so boring just dipping mine in chocolate glaze.

  22. SERIOUSLY?! How rad are those doughnuts!? I must say, when I saw the chocolate covered photo… I … thought they had condoms on them. I’m not sure what that says about my scattered brain today. Anywhooo, your donuts look fabulous and perfect for Halloween!

    • LOL..they do look they have condoms on them!! SO sex donuts – I love it!!

  23. This cracked me up–the hardest I’ve laughed all day! Well done!

  24. Oh my gosh! I laughed when the photo came up:) I love your creepy Halloween spin on the donuts! I have the opposite preference; I like the yeast donuts:) Happy Halloween, Lisa!

  25. EEeeekk. Gross me out. Totally Halloweeney of you. And might I add clever.

    I am not a big fan of doughnuts either. I do prefer the cakes ones though. But my kids, well, they love them. I bet they would love yours Lisa! I did really like the pumpkin doughnuts. I baked them and I will do it again the same way- baked.

  26. Gosh I can SEE how creative you were on this one, even if not a crazy good thing for you. I love the decoration, love doing spooky Halloween food. I did a cakey doughnut, I prefer those too.

  27. Ohhhhh they do look like bleeding eyeballs! But when you said they were filled with strawberry jam and dipped in confectioner’s sugar and white chocolate–yummy!!! Great job and excellent pictures!

  28. Those are hilarious! What a fun idea for around Halloween! Nice job on the challenge!

  29. Fantastic! You took this challenge to a new level!

  30. Thank you! You just helped me decide what to bring to a Halloween Party this weekend. How could it be anything else:) Yay, I get to make more doughnuts.

  31. Hahaha! These are hilarious! (In a good way) I love the oozing blood! But now you have me wondering about what would come out of an eyeball. Hmmm…

    I sat out of this challenge, I’ve just been eating way too many calorie rich things lately, and even though I do like donuts, I thought it best to not tempt myself. I don’t think I would have even thought to make donut eyeballs, I’ve never seen them, but what a great idea.

    Love these!

  32. OMG Lisa I spit coffee all over my computer twice! You are too funny! When can we meet and spend time laughing together? And what a challenge! You went all the way with this one! Creative, imaginative, funny, oozy and I absolutely love it! And I tell you, we really were separated at birth – you’ll see what I mean when you read my post….

  33. I love this SO much! Mmm, tasty, tasty eyeballs…

  34. Wowowowow, this is my absolute favourite this month! I love every single detail, especially the blood dribbling down the forks! Bring on the gore! xxx

  35. Your eye ball doughnuts are officially the most outstanding Halloween goodies! I am curious how kids would react upon receiving such creative treats…. 🙂

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  36. You are so funny and creative, Lisa! What a great idea.

  37. So creative! I love the detail of the “blood”‘ oozing down the fork!! Great job! The children will love that! Thanks for your lovely comment on mine! Before frying, the holes of my doughnuts were not as round, but they puffed up and became so round that it was difficult to turn them over to brown on the other side… even the star shaped doughnut I attempted to make, had star shaped holes that turned out perfect balls… lol

  38. OH ME _ OH MY – gruesome and awesome!!!!

  39. OMG, Lisa, I freaked out when I saw your first picture! You’ve actually managed to make doughnuts that terrify me – never thought I’d see the day! But it’s such a creative idea, and so well executed. Fantastic job, as always!

  40. These are crazy fun! Halloween has never been spookier — or more delicious than with eyeball donut holes. 😉

  41. These I bet will be a hit with the kids!! They look so scary, but yummy!

  42. Holy Eyeballs!!! What a great idea, very gruesome!!

  43. That is so creepy and gross, and, well, Halloween perfect! Great photos, and I wonder how you make them so amazing with so little light. I have a lot of studying to do.
    Oh, eyeballs don’t contain blood, but rather a lot of a clear fluid. Gross, thick fluid. That’s more than I want to remember about 3rd year anatomy!

  44. These are fantastic!!

  45. Those are such cool spooky doughnuts! Perfect for Halloween!

  46. Those are the cutest dismembered eyeballs I’ve ever seen 🙂 What a fantastic Halloween treat!

  47. LOVE these! I posted a link on (hope that’s OK!)

  48. I do so flip for doughnuts of all sizes, shapes, flavors, and types. Even bloody, eyeball doughnuts! These are awesome. The gooey filling looks delicious too.

  49. They’re a bit ghoulish (which is what you were aiming for)for my taste. 🙂 I take my virtual hat off to you in terms of sheer creativity, Lisa.

  50. Love these! They turned out so cool especially with the fork in them and blood oozing out. 🙂

    Happy Friday!

    Btw, nice job the photos. No floating food! lol

  51. I love your forked eyeballs so much! They look so delicious and ghoulish. Goulicious even. The blood dribbling down the fork is a very nice touch!

  52. Wow! You are the most creative person ever. This should be in Martha Stewart’s Halloween issue. But your stuff is so much more creative. Bravo!!!

  53. Wow…those are fun!!!! I’m not a fan of filling in donuts but I think I’m with you on cake donuts (and Krispy kreme!). And yes, though probably not as much as that filling, eyeballs bleed. 🙂

  54. These look absolutely amazing! Well done!!

  55. Lisa, you were always soooo creative/arty, so this doesn’t surprise me at all! I’m loving how you took an idea, changed it to taste better…then ran with it, making it bleed of all things! So incredibly gruesome, but so perfect for Halloween. One would never look at you and think you had this in you! I love it!

  56. MEGA Kudos!! These are awesome!! You rock, Halloween girl!

  57. Fantastic. I so agree with you, don’t care for donuts and IF I’m forced to have one, I go for those old-fashioned cake ones. But I’d certainly fork up a few of these bleeding eyeballs and pop them down, no problem. 😉 Most creative DB donut post I’ve seen, Lisa.

  58. So fun! I’ll have to make these for next year, cuz I love a donut, fried, bake, cake or yeast.

  59. These are ooze-some (awesome, geddit?) eyeballs Lisa! You definitely got them perfect. They sound very tasty too 🙂

  60. For not liking doughnuts you did an absolutely creative job with these confection eyeballs! Luv your creativity!! I’ll take a baker’s dozen, please.

  61. LOVE it.
    And I’m even a few days late. Great variation on the DC challenge… love the creativity you’ve brought to the challenge!

  62. These are AMAZING. Perfect for Halloween!

  63. Disgustingly bloody brilliant! I want to pop one in my mouth right now! Those would be fantastic at a Halloween party!! Great job, Lisa!!

    And FYI, from my days working at a sale barn, eyeballs are not filled with blood but a clear liquid. 🙂

  64. wow!!!!!! perfect for haloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. AWESOMENESS!! Absolutely spooky and yummy!!

  66. Awesomeness!!!! If I were a teacher and this was my class, you’d definitely be teacher’s pet, with a big red A+ on your assignment. I’ll bet they tasted fantastic!

  67. Oh! These eyes are sure scary…but fit the purpose since it is for Halloween 🙂

  68. Wow these are so creative, I missed the challenge last month but these are just spooktacular.

  69. Hey, thank you your writing style is amazing. just found your site on yahoo. come back later for sure :)…

  70. I really enjoyed this article. Its always nice when you find something that is not only informative but entertaining. Outstanding.

  71. […] Doughnuts – Stab my Eyeball with a Fork, then Eat it « Parsley … I filled each doughnut hole with loads of bloood, welll, errr, really good strawberry jam with a little red gel paste added to really get a nice, bloody red hue. I nixed the white chocolate coating for the ever so awesome confectioners . […]

  72. Oh wow – these are beyond perfect for Halloween!! The fork stuck in them is a nice extra touch. Thanks for linking up to my Halloween blog hop! These are awesome!

  73. […] I did not want to mess up her  cannolies since I have never made them before. And how about these eyes! Definitely making them next […]

  74. well written piece, bookmarked, I’ll return for more.

  75. Good article, bookmarked, I will be returning later.

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